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Stratham Green is a wonderful community that has been a great place to live for many years.  Residents can participate in the Mahjong group, the book club, ladies monthly luncheon and more.  Stratham Green is a self-managed community. Self-managed means that residents are strongly encouraged contribute to the management of the community. When a community of 60 families is run by a tiny number of residents, it is likely that those residents will, at some point, no longer be able or willing to continue in that role.  It is for that reason we welcome residents to help in any way they are comfortable. 

There are many ways to contribute.  The easiest is to assist in one of the following responsibilities: 

  • Stratham Green board member (president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer)

  • Deal with vendors maintaining roads

  • roofing vendor

  • Grounds mowing

  • Snow plowing

  • Pond maintenance

  • Water & septic system

  • General Maintenance

These responsibilities are assumed by residents who deal with vendors.  It is for this reason residents are encouraged to participate. It's also important that owners are familiar with the condominium by-laws. The latest version is dated November 16, 2019. A copy can be obtained by contacting the Stratham Green secretary or clicking Contact Us | Stratham Green Condo.

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